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Compagnie KittyFisher

supports Emilie Pitoiset's dance pieces

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Where Did Our Love Go ? (2019)
It Took The Night To Believe (2018)
Anodyne (2011)

Dance compagnie created in 2018.

Kitty Fisher (1741–1767) was a prominent British courtesan. From her teen years onwards, Fisher carefully developed her public image, which was boosted by attention from Sir Joshua Reynolds and other artists. By emphasizing Fisher’s beauty, audacity, and charm, portraits and newspaper and magazine articles promoted her reputation and prompted spectators to view her with redoubled awe.[1] She was one of the world’s first celebrities famous not for being an actress, musician or member of the royalty, but simply for being famous. Her life exemplifies the emergence of mass media publishing and fame in an era when capitalism, commercialism, global markets, and rising emphasis on public opinion were transforming England.

Represented by :
Yann Chevallier, President & Léa Poiré, Treasurer.

SIRET : 844 404 400 00013    CODE APE : 9001Z
Licence d’entrepreneur du spectacle : 2-1120872

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