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Compagnie KittyFisher

supports Emilie Pitoiset's dance pieces

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Where Did Our Love Go ? (2019)
It Took The Night To Believe (2018)
Anodyne (2011)
  It Took The Night To Believe
dance performance, 60 min in loop, 2018.

Production : Compagnie KittyFisher / Emilie Pitoiset
Co-Production : Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong-Kong

Artist Choreographer :
Emilie Pitoiset in collaboration with Alice Rensy (Hong-Kong producer)
Performers : Ivan Chan, Tsz Yan Bonita Chan, Wai Sum Rebecca Cheng, Zhi Zhuo Tan, Ka Hei Yau

Premiere March 25th & 31st , April 7th, 2018 during Rehearsal exhibition curated by Xue TAN at Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong.