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Compagnie KittyFisher

supports Emilie Pitoiset's dance pieces

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Where Did Our Love Go ? (2019)
It Took The Night To Believe (2018)
Anodyne (2011)
  Where Did Our Love Go ?
dance performance for 4 dancers, 6 hours maximum.

Production Compagnie KittyFisher / Emilie Pitoiset.
co-production CND - Centre National de la Danse Pantin, CNAP - Centre National d’Art Plastique, Centre Pompidou.


Artist Chroregrapher : Emilie Pitoiset
Performers : Kerem Gelebek, Hanna Hedman, Maya Masse, Martin Roehrich
Music : Marc Marder
Costumes : Pauline Jacquard & Emilie Pitoiset
Lights : Shantidas Riedacker
Assistant production : Louise Daviot

Image : Emilie Pitoiset
Editor : Clémence Diard

Two couples are dancing: the only ones left. They confront each other. Their fatigue is tangible.

During the Great Depression in the USA, dance marathons arose. For hours, until exhaustion, the participants danced for money. The public, hypnotised by the show, made bets on the winners. There were many risks of disqualification, as in the real world. As in a cathartic mirror of the crisis which everyone was experiencing, marathons offered a perspective, perhaps not of glory, but at least of survival.

Émilie Pitoiset has been studying dance marathons since 2009. This iconography nourishes the repertory of gestures and postures which is at the heart of her stage and artistic work. On the borders of rupture or falling, these bodies intimately enduring the mechanisms of capitalism seem increasingly contemporary. Émilie Pitoiset (1980, lives and works in Paris) is an artist and choreographer. Her work examines the resistance of bodies through dance, rituals, sexuality and money. She deploys a visual grammar which borrows freely from film noir, the nouveau roman, secret societies and the ideals and fantasies of popular culture starting in the 1920s. She has participated in a large number of exhibitions in such institutions as Witte de With, the Centre Pompidou, the Palais de Tokyo, the Shirn Museum, the Museo Marino Marini, the Tai Kwun Contemporary in Hong-Kong... and the Cnap for La nouvelle adresse.

Special Thanks : Mathilde Monnier, Juliette Pollet, Aymar Crosnier, Christophe Susset, Olivier Vergnac, Guillemette Laucoin, Zélie Malaret, Marc Marder, Pauline Jacquard, Thierry Jousse, Louise Daviot, dancers and CN D team. 

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