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The Third Party (2014)
The Repetition (2012)
Mimetism (2011)
Back To The Same Things (2010)
Love is colder than death (2010)
St. Vitus' Dance (2008)
Othello (2006)


The Third Party
dance film, 3'42, color, stereo, 2014.

Director producer Emilie Pitoiset
Co-production DZ Bank, Francfort.

The choreography questions the rituality of the surrealistic gestures of a society that preserves the secrecy and security of European capital every day. The Third Party, was shot in a bank in Frankfurt, European Central Bank (ECB).


Choreographer : Emilie Pitoiset
Performers :
Liane Baeuml-Dinges, Ursula Bauer, Wernher Bombosh, Björn Emig, Sabine Fassnacht, Gernot Fuchs, Marion Glöhde, Yvonne Haeussler, Jörg Hausen, Sven Hansen, Vera Konermann, Maria-Dolores Lopez-Iboria, Stephan Maneth, Elena Maronava, Armin Matthiessen, Caroline Meyer auf des Heyde, Ulrike Mittelstädt, Pascaline Morincome, Bettina Müller, Christian Oester, Thomas Pass, Marcus Schell, Sibylle Scheu, Karen Schierholz, Konstantina Siefert, Angelo Talluto, Anette Theiss, Katrin Trautmann, Anja Trippel, Britta Tuengerthal, Janina Vitale, Jens Warmers, Frank Weber, Arno Wenzel, Frank Zimmermann.
Music :
La Chatte, Sang Desir (Crash Ocean), Tsunami - Addiction, 2013 & Beak, Flax Bourton, Invada Records, 2009.
Production Assitants :
Pascaline Morincome, Yann Rioual, Anja Trippel.
Editor :
Clémence Diard

Thanks : Chirstina Dr. Leber